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Unity in a Bowl of Soup

By Julie Page Julie is a member of the Doncaster Conversation Club – a regular session with Doncaster City of Sanctuary. This article appeared in the Doncaster Conversation Club newsletter “View from the Edge”. What does a bowl of soup suggest to you?  It’s a simple meal, but wholesome, and while you cradle your bowl, […]

Can a University of Sanctuary create Sanctuary?

Larysa Agbaso, a Sanctuary graduate of MA TESOL from Cardiff Metropolitan University, shares a heartfelt piece about the positive impact the Sanctuary scholarship has had on her life, and highlights the support that shaped her positive experience. Reflection on personal experience of finding a light in the darkness. If a university were a person, I […]

Views of people seeking asylum on the COVID vaccines.

Views of people seeking asylum on the COVID vaccines. By Dr. Julia Burne of Doncaster Conversation Club If I’m offered the vaccine, I will say ‘Yes’. However, from informal remarks and comments, I know that my view is not shared universally. To get a broader idea of how the vaccine is viewed by people seeking […]

Sustained by faith in my asylum journey

Timothy Kayigamba, an Eritrean asylum seeker explains his struggles after claiming asylum in the UK. The culture of disbelief within the Home Office asylum system has left me feeling I have been ‘robbed’ of my dignity and denied the right to asylum. For the past 15 years since I arrived in the UK for safety, […]

Forcibly removed surgeon live in hiding in his home country

By Jeff Morgan, CoS UK Trustee and support groups in a voluntary capacity as Regional Coordinator in the North West of England I recently heard from a surgeon, forcibly removed from UK to his homeland 10 months ago. I came to know him when tutoring a programme that supports refugee doctors to prepare for exams […]

Bradford Community celebrate Black History Month October 2020

By Nigel Guy, Windrush Generations UK &Lead designer of the Windrush Flag At Bradford Community Broadcasting we celebrate many cultures with a vast diversification of programmes for all to take part in, be it programme scheduling, presenting, researching, technical support or even as encouragers of positive steps through inclusivity and belonging in the BCB family. […]

Volunteering keeps me going: Life of a destitute asylum seeker in Swindon

Ahmed (not his real name to protect his identity) shares his daily life experiences as a person seeking sanctuary in the UK in the current COVID-19 crisis. I arrived by aeroplane I escaped from Somalia I am a victim of Torture and Slavery. I lost my loved ones, my family members. The Al-Shabaab extremist terrorist […]

COVID-19: We Must Not Forget Asylum Seekers

By Anne East. Anne is a content writer for the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration solicitors/attorneys . Fear, anxiety, loneliness – these are just some of the emotions that many of us will be feeling at the moment. But what if that was simply the norm – our everyday existence rather than something […]

About this blog

Welcome to the City of Sanctuary blog!

A peaceful and prosperous world is one in which people can feel safe and secure in their homes, with their families and in their communities.  It is a world in which they can feel confident in their country, their culture and in the family of nations and peoples on our common planet.

But when war or civil unrest ravages a community, masses of people are forcibly displaced or simply flee to protect life.  At worst, they are left with only two options: death by privation, assault or genocide, or life in exile.  One need only think of those forced to flee the violence in Syria or the thousands dying in the Mediterranean to glimpse the severity of their need. Unfortunately, conflict continues to take its toll on such persons.

This blog provide a platform to share stories in the field of human rights, refugees and migration.

Invited writers contribute to this blog. The blog is administered by our Media & Communications Officer, Forward Maisokwadzo. We welcome your contributions and if interested to submit your piece, contact Forward Maisokwadzo: [email protected]

Views expressed by contributors to the blog do not necessarily represent City of Sanctuary's views and the responsibility rests with the contributor.

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