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By Nigel Guy, Windrush Generations UK &Lead designer of the Windrush Flag

At Bradford Community Broadcasting we celebrate many cultures with a vast diversification of programmes for all to take part in, be it programme scheduling, presenting, researching, technical support or even as encouragers of positive steps through inclusivity and belonging in the BCB family.

BCB will be opening its online interstellar platform for Black History Month 2020 which will be featured all the way through the month of October 2020. Albeit we are still in ‘Covid 19’ pandemic we want Black History Month to continue to shine bright and remain a positive experience for all.

Maureen Grant host of Race Matters and also About Bradford added “We are depending on the family of BCB to make BHM 2020 a fulfilling season of inclusive vibrant delights. So in your own award winning shows lets aim to add a bit of spice and refreshment to your programmes with at least a 30 second to 5 minute or even a 15 minute recording with reference to the rich culture of music and artist of black origin be it, science, engineering technology, art, design , construction, education, history and many other leading disciplines which contribute positively in all areas of UK and global life.

Nigel Guy one of BCB’s most enthusiastic presenters remarked “Radio discussions and music influence many cultures and genres and if music is the food of love play on give us excess of it so sufficing the appetite may stricken and so die any form of hate. Love is the answer. So, come on people we need you. It’s not just for Black people as it’s a full month to raise awareness of an array of black cultural, history, heritage achievements , gains and losses in all walks of life which are intermingled with in and around the world past, present and futures. Please don’t feel excluded, be a part of what we hope will be a vibrant October. At BCB we are in the business of making all lives better.” Black History Month’s theme this year is ‘Super Heroes & Sheroes’. So everyone who is reading this news, why not join us to deliver a bumper volume of exciting, entertaining, educational, challenging and positive articles. Go on give it a go be creative and wear that cape of inclusion and shield of brightness and helmet of inspiration when recording your BCB shows. Your input will add value. So let us know what you can do, and who knows there may be a big bumper prize for the most creative positive piece of radio featured in BHM2020 .

Finally let us say for the record that the culinary explosion of Caribbean food which many had experienced last year will again be a dynamic flavoursome chapter also this year and if your involved you may have to challenge Ann Morgan for a share of the well famous world renowned hot spicy Jerk Chicken or Rum Punch or Carrot Juice (as she never even shared her prized winning portion last year …only joking Ann…. but you know its true.

Together we can make Black History Month 2020 another memorable season and contribute to Bradford’s vision of being a welcoming city for all, including people seeking sanctuary from war, violence and persecution.
BCB team in the studio.

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